Educational Seminars

International Research Center for Terrorism and Organized Crime is research and educational center.

Founders: Master Managers – Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security

Mission and goals: research and education in the field of countering terrorism and organized crime.

Two days multidisciplinary  educational seminars:

1. Preventing Violent Extremism, Terrorism and Organized Crime                                
2. Women, Terrorism & Organized Crime

• Preventing Violent Extremism
• Preventing Terrorism
• Nuclear Terrorism
• Bioterrorism
• Chemical Terrorism
• International Drug Trafficking
• Narcotics
• Balkan Organized Crime
• Women and Terrorism
• Women and Violent Extremism
• Women and Organized Crime

Languages: English
Place: Belgrade (Serbia), hotel ABBA (travel and hotel costs are not included in the fees)
Date: choose any date (two days) and contact us on (minimum 15 days  before the start of the seminars)
Small group (fees)
– for group of 4 – 6 participants: 250 euros per participant
– for group of 2 – 3 participants: 350 euros per participant
– individual for 1 participant: 700 euros
Medium group (fees)
– 7 to 19 participants: 150 euros per participant
Large group (fees)
– 20 to 80 participants: 100 euros per participant
Payment after arrival at the seminar
Certificate of participation
– All participants will receive a certificate of participation after completion of the seminar listing the contents they have covered
Organizer : International Research Center for Terrorism and Organized Crime (IRCTOC)
AccommodationHotel ABBA, hotel 4*